Bound and Milked - Forced Male Milking Video

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In this forced male milking video a guy is bound and milked by a very experienced femdom handjob expert. This woman has milked hundreds of cocks in her time and likes to make the experience as painful as possible for her slaves. In fact, she employs all sorts of novel torture methods during her milking sessions...

Forced Male Milking Video

Bound Milked Male - Watch Here

In this video the preferred method of torture is an electric toothbrush on the nipples. You can see that the Mistress has hold of the bound guy's cock while she holds the vibrating toothbrush against his nipple. The idea is to force him to cum whilst experiencing pain. By associating the moment of climax with pain the Mistress emphasises her control over the slave's cock.

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Bound Milked Male Video - Click Here